There are more than 1 trillion videos filmed, posted and sold daily, generating sales worth billions of dollars.  How much of that money is going into your pocket?

100%?, 50%? 25%? Actually, less than 1%! Is this fair to journalists?

Noseyes has a solution.

What Noseyes Is

Noseyes is a global mobile media platform for video journalists to post videos into the Noseyes marketplace and to be paid for it. There is no cost to the journalist.  

How It Works

First, you register and get the app. (At this time the app is only available to iPhone users.) Then you start posting your videos onto the Noseyes site. Noseyes provides your videos fast, in real time, for viewers worldwide. It’s that simple. Your videos will be shared globally with millions of people. And you get paid for it!  

How Do Viewers Access Videos

Viewers can search by geography or topic worldwide. In this way, they can make moment-by-moment connections with what may be going on in any corner of the world. Then you share it with everybody you know.  

What About Other Viewers Using My Video?

Unlike other social media platforms, no entity may use your video without clearance from Noseyes and payment.  

How You Get Paid

Noseyes is supported by advertising and shares its revenue with video journalists. Journalists may receive up to 90% of the paid advertising fee--which is more than other paying social media sites. As you gain points, you get paid.  

What about your Friends and Family?

We track this information by encoding an algorithm into the app. So, if your friend or family member posts a video on Noseyes and it gets viewed, you get paid and THEY get paid!  


Payout can made once 1,000 clicks are reached!!  

And So On

If friends of your friends post a video on Noseyes and it gets viewed, EVERYONE gets paid!!